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Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures in Houston, TX

At Premier Plastic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Christopher Hankins, we are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date treatments and techniques for our patients to achieve all their cosmetic goals. We stress the importance of overall health and wellness to all of our clients living in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the neighboring areas of South Houston.

The internet is replete with websites of plastic surgeons displaying photos of before and after photographs. While they can give you some idea of what results to expect, they do not tell the entire story of the patient that is unique to them, what was done to address their concerns or their experience they had with their evaluation and treatment. Moreover, there is no information regarding what surgical technique was used, how long after surgery  were the photos taken, how long the patients were followed up, the durability of the results obtained, or whether or not the patient went on to develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. Isn’t this information you would like to know?

In breast augmentation cases, there is often no information regarding what type of implant was used. This is important as saline implants, while being cheaper, are heavier than their silicon counterparts and must be overinflated to smooth out wrinkling and therefore do not feel as natural as silicone ones do. For this reason, we do not use saline implants.

There are some websites advertising low prices for breast augmentation, all for a ridiculously low price. Most likely, the implants are inserted using local anesthesia and intravenous sedation in the physician’s procedure room where the anesthesia is being administered by a nurse under the direction of the surgeon and cheaper saline implants are being used. Do you really want to put yourself at an increased risk just to save a few hundred dollars? The after photographs may look presentable at some point in time but how long after surgery were the photos taken? Do they still look good in a year, at 2 years, etc?

In breast reduction photos, there is no information regarding the presence or absence of nipple sensation, etc.

In the before and after photographs to follow, we relate the story of the patient and try to give you some insight into the experience that the patient had during her surgical journey.


Our entire team at Premier Plastic Surgery cares deeply about your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. If you’re unhappy with one or more elements of your appearance, it affects you in ways you may not even realize. Contact our friendly staff today and schedule a free personal consultation. We’re proud to be serving men and women in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the nearby areas of South Houston.