Enjoy Your Mommy Makeover Results in Time for Summer

By Christopher Hankins, MD

Mommy Makeover HoustonIf you’ve ever spent time in the gym, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” The same can be said when it comes to enhancing your figure with certain cosmetic procedures, like mommy makeover. For women who dream of showing off a slimmer, firmer, more feminine physique this summer, it is important to understand how long the healing process may take and to plan their surgery accordingly.

At Premier Plastic Surgery, top Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Hankins performs custom-tailored mommy makeover surgery to help restore women’s confidence and contours following pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. If you’re ready to regain your bikini body in time for summer break, keep reading to learn more about how long mommy makeover recovery may take and when to consider scheduling your procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Recover After Mommy Makeover?

The recovery time after mommy makeover can vary based on which treatments and procedures were included in the surgery, the patient’s overall health, and other variables. Most often, mommy makeover includes some form of breast enhancement surgery, skin removal or body contouring and fat reduction, but the procedures can vary in nature and extent. For example, patients with a significant amount of loose skin on the abdomen may require extended tummy tuck, which is typically associated with a longer recovery period compared to that of traditional or mini tummy tuck.

On average, patients can expect to return to light work about two weeks after mommy makeover. Over the next several weeks, swelling and bruising will continue to resolve, and surgical incisions will continue to heal and fade. After six to eight weeks, patients may be cleared to resume more intense physical activities, including exercise and sex. For many women, it takes about six to 12 weeks to feel completely back to “normal.”

What’s the Best Time To Schedule Mommy Makeover?

While there is no right or wrong time for mommy makeover surgery, it is important to think through your work and personal obligations, any upcoming special events and even the plans you may have for expanding your family. Ideally, women should wait until they are done having children before having mommy makeover surgery. Pregnancy and childbirth after mommy makeover can reverse the results of the procedure and may lead to the need for revisional surgery.

For women specifically hoping to have a summer-ready physique, scheduling mommy makeover surgery in the winter or spring months is a fantastic option, as it will allow the patient’s body plenty of time to heal and recover.

Sizzle This Summer With Mommy Makeover in Houston, TX

There’s no time like the present to start your mommy makeover journey. Don’t spend another summer season hiding behind your towel. Get the slim, sexy, bikini body you’ve always wanted just in time for the warm weather by calling either of Premier Plastic Surgery’s locations in Houston or Pearland, TX at (713) 370-4433 or filling out our online contact form today.

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