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Introduction to Otoplasty

Are you or your child living with prominent ears? Have you experienced feelings of ridicule from others? It is time to stop the needless torment caused by protruding ears and regain your self-esteem. Dr. Hankins’ team at Premier Plastic Surgery in Houston/Pearland sets us apart from other plastic surgery practices that perform ear reshaping by offering a specific technique known as the Chongchet otoplasty, which is commonly taught in the U.K. during plastic surgery training.


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What is Otoplasty?

Premier Plastic Surgery provides ear reshaping for residents of Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson, and the surrounding areas of South Houston. Otoplasty is performed on children and adults by experienced plastic surgeon Christopher Hankins, MD, for congenital abnormalities or cosmetic purposes. The results of the Chongchet technique are vastly superior, as the lack of a fold in the ear (known as the anti-helix) is created by skillful partial division of the perichondrium, the membrane covering the ear cartilage so that it bends away from where the cuts are made. For children, we are the go-to practice for this deformity. We suggest a repair of the ear be done for the child entering the first grade. Adults wishing to have this deformity corrected are also welcome to come to our practice for evaluation by Dr. Hankins.

What are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking to change the appearance of their ears. For patients considering this procedure in Houston, performed by the excellent plastic surgeons at Premier, it is recommended that the procedure be undertaken once the ears have reached their full size, typically after age 5. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Reshaping
  • Size Adjustment
  • Correcting Protrusion
  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Treating Congenital Anomalies
  • Repairing Damage

Who are the Best Candidates for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a transformative procedure that will position your ears just right – nothing more. It’s time to hear that your ears are normal. For our Houston patients, the ideal candidates for otoplasty are individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Overall good health
  • Non-smokers
  • Age of 5 or older
  • Protruding ears
  • Ears that are smaller or larger than normal
  • Ears that have an abnormal shape due to injury, structural issue, or trauma
  • Those unsatisfied with the results of a previous ear surgery
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Otoplasty First Step

What’s the
first step?

Are your ears perking up at the idea of a life-changing transformation? That’s fantastic! It’s time to take the first step towards getting an otoplasty at Premier Plastic Surgery in Houston/Pearland by setting up your initial consultation. You can schedule your first pre-operative appointment with our plastic surgeons. During this consultation, your surgeon will assess your expectations and goals, discuss your surgical plan in detail, and examine the structure of your ears to understand your unique anatomy and tailor the procedure accordingly. You will also be instructed to follow pre-operative medications, consider quitting or reducing smoking as it can affect healing, and fast by abstaining from eating or drinking for a specific period before surgery.

What to Expect on the Day of Otoplasty Surgery

When you finally find relief from feeling different or like an outsider because of your ears, you will be welcomed to our Houston location at Premier Plastic Surgery and treated with professionalism, kindness, and respect. The surgeon will incision behind the ear, in the natural crease where the ear meets the head. The reshaping of the cartilage and removal of excess skin or tissue will be done to achieve the desired appearance. Tiny sutures will close the incisions, and a dressing or bandage will be placed around the ears to protect and promote proper healing.

Otoplasty Recovery

Post-operatively, a head dressing is applied to protect the operation. In children, it is not uncommon to have to reapply the dressing during the first week. A ski band or sweatband is recommended at night for an additional three weeks. A follow-up appointment in three months to view the final result is routine.

Otoplasty Cost

How much does Otoplasty cost in Houston, TX?

Premier Plastic Surgery in Houston/ Pearland proudly offers financing options for our patients – call our office for pricing information. We don’t want finances to be why you don’t get the cosmetic surgery you want and deserve. To that end, Dr. Christopher Hankins is committed to making it as affordable as possible. We offer several payment options, including LendingUSA® and United Medical Credit. If you have any questions about the fees or financing for your treatment or procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask. We accept Cash or Check, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Why Choose Dr. Hankins?

Christopher Hankins, MD, is a plastic surgeon specializing in facial, breast, and body aesthetic surgery. He also has advanced training in hand surgery, breast reconstruction after cancer, and other reconstructive surgical procedures. Dr. Hankins completed five plastic surgery fellowships with highly distinguished physician mentors in the United States and the United Kingdom, including a Plastic and Microsurgery fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine and a Hand Surgery fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Hankins believes in offering patients only treatments that are in their best interests. He is also actively involved in the study and clinical application of anti-aging medicine. He maintains affiliations with the American Board of Pathology (ABP), American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (AAAAM), and the Texas Medical Association (TMA). 

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Otoplasty FAQ’S

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about our otoplasty services or to schedule a free ear surgery consultation, contact our office today at 713- 370-4422. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Premier Plastic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Christopher Hankins, serves patients all over South Houston, Houston, Pearland, and Lake Jackson, TX. You can also directly contact us by selecting the “contact” button at the bottom of our webpage. 

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