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Hand Trauma Surgery in Houston, TX

The hand is composed of 27 individual bones and even more ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Injury to the hand can greatly impact normal activities your daily life. If you have hand trauma and live in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson or the surrounding areas of South Houston, Dr. Christopher Hankins can help. He is the medical director of Premier Plastic Surgery and is a reconstructive surgeon specialist.

What is Hand Trauma?

When a minor medical emergency strikes that requires reconstruction surgery, many people’s first instinct is to panic and rush to the nearest hospital for medical attention. While emergency rooms are a great resource for initially life threatening emergencies, they can also require hours of waiting time to be seen.

At Premier Plastic Surgery in Pearland TX, our medical professionals can provide prompt and top-notch of hand injuries, minimizing the delay from presentation to surgery. In the case of a hand injury, we will fit such patients into our schedule so that their evaluation is not unduly delayed.

At Premier, our medical professionals can help patients with a variety of hand trauma issues. Outlined below are some of the common had injuries that we help to treat at our hand surgery clinic in Pearland:

  • Tendon Injury: These injuries affect the long fibrous bands which run from the bones of the hand to the muscles of the forearm. They provide the ability to contract muscles and move your hands. Tendon injuries can be caused by rupturing or continued wear on a tendon, or a more violent accident that affects the function of the tendons.
  • Nerve Injury: Nerves carry signals to the brain and can be damaged in the hands when a deep cut or wound occurs. Surgery is usually required for serious nerve damage in the hands.
  • Fractures: These are broken bones that can vary in pain and seriousness, but should be fixed as soon as possible when they occur.
  • Crush Injuries: If the hand is crushed in an accident, soft tissue damage can occur that sometimes requires more serious surgery.
  • Fingertip Injuries: Fingertip injuries can happen from crushing or tearing accidents, and should be looked at in case the injury is serious.

Dr. Hankins, Expert Hand Trauma Surgeon

Regardless of your hand injury, our team is ready to help you with all of your hand trauma needs. Our greatest asset at Premier Plastic Surgery is our team of medical professionals. We have a team of knowledgeable technicians and assistants on site who can help answer any questions that you may have about our office and services.

Dr. Christopher Hankins  is an experienced plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge of hand trauma. When you come into our plastic surgery clinic in Pearland, TX you will receive the best possible plastic surgery in the area. We welcome patients of all ages and are happy to provide you with a consultation for hand surgery services.

Our clinic in Pearland has a proven track record of providing excellent results when it comes to restorative hand surgery. We hope that our team can help you with all of your hand surgery needs and have you feeling better soon.

How Much Does Hand Trauma Surgery Cost in Houston, TX?

The cost for hand trauma surgery varies, as each case is unique. In some instances, insurance may pay for all or part of the cost. We offer financing  options to our patients to help them pay for hand trauma surgery, if needed.

If you suffer from hand trauma, Dr. Hankins and his team at Premier Plastic Surgery can treat hand injuries for residents in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the nearby areas of South Houston. Call today if you need help or have any questions about our hand trauma procedures.