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ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) meeting in Istanbul, Turkey from September 20 – 24

I recently had the opportunity to attend the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) meeting that this year was held in Istanbul, Turkey from September 20 – 24 inclusive. It was an assemblage of 2000 plastic surgeons, literally from all over the world who gathered to learn from each other in all areas of aesthetic plastic surgery including face, eyes, body contouring, breast augmentation and reduction and even antiaging. It was good to have the opportunity to reconnect with many of my friends from other countries that I have met and worked with over the years.

I strongly believe that as a Plastic Surgeon, it is essential to attend meetings at a regular basis and to be exposed to as many different ideas as you can. That does not mean that you are going to adopt somebody else’s technique en toto, but it does mean that you can integrate things that you learn from others into your own practice. In addition, over coffee, I discussed the content of many of the lectures with other colleagues and got their perspectives as well that I thought was very useful. There were also many products on offer by the vendors there.

What did I learn? I was very much impressed by a new wireless ultrasound machine that enables precise placement of fat into the buttocks in order to obtain a maximal result and to do so safely. Because there is no wire attached to the transducer, the transducer can simply be dropped into a sterile plastic bag and used in the OR. I was also impressed with the hi-def liposuction that is possible with the Vaser liposuction machine. I will be acquiring both of those technologies and incorporating them into my practice!

There was a sparing of 2 different plastic surgeons regarding which procedure was the best for facial rejuvenation. That was exciting to watch! Newer is not always better, however.

On the anti-aging front, there was an intriguing lecture of how the combination of DHEA, metformin and growth hormone in a cohort of middle-aged males, resulted in a 2-year reversal of epigenetic markers of aging! The implications of possible age reversal are huge.

On the nonmedical front, Istanbul stands at the border between Europe and Asia. Between the 2 continents lies the Bosphorus strait. It was exhilarating to take the short cruise between two continents. I also had an opportunity to visit the blue mosque and many other buildings of historical significance there.

In summary, it was well worth a trip for professional reasons primarily but also to have the opportunity to visit a city of such historical importance was also noteworthy.