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Micro-Needling Treatment with RF

Secret RF is a radiofrequency micro-needling treatment which can deliver very powerful results in the moderation of surgical scars as well as acne scars.  We have used it primarily for people who have had severe acne scarring. Often used for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and stretch marks.

Secret RF is a radiofrequency micro-needling treatment

I would like to point out that there is a huge difference between micro-needling with a hand held pen and radiofrequency micro-needling such as secret RF.  How is it different?  In micro-needling, and operator uses a hand-held instrument and makes a series of punctures into the skin. Precision in the depth of penetration of the tines of the instrument is not possible.  In radiofrequency micro-needling, there is a treatment head that has 24 or 64 pins.  The machine is so precise that it can regulate the penetration of the skin of the tines to 1/10 of a millimeter.  Such precision is impossible with a hand-held micro-needling pen.  In addition, secret RF delivers radiofrequency energy to the point where the tines penetrate the skin.  These points act as minute areas of inflammation which result in collagen remodeling.  As a result of the collagen remodeling, the scar is remodeled, and the appearance of the scar is markedly improved in the vast majority of cases.

In the treatment of scars, we will often combine this with PRP (platelet rich plasma). In the vast majority of cases, we will obtain 10 to 20 mls of blood and then centrifuge it to obtain approximately 6 mls of concentrated platelets or PRP.  After the radiofrequency micro-needling is completed, we will then apply PRP to the channels that were created by the penetration of the tines into the skin within the 30-minute window in which these channels remain open.  This is important because platelets contain 20 different growth factors which will amplify the results of the Secret RF treatment. For more information, please feel free to contact us. It is important to note that oftentimes the price of Secret RF treatment is about same as micro-needling with a hand-held pen. There is simply no comparison.  Check our before and after photos. Contact us if you have any questions.