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PRP Injections in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for a solution to improve the overall appearance of your skin, or to help with hair loss or thinning hair, PRP injections may be the answer. Dr. Christopher Hankins performs PRP injections for patients in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the surrounding areas of South Houston.

What Are PRP Injections?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are a treatment modality that involves taking your own plasma, full of fibrin and your own blood platelets, and injecting it back into your body. The PRP that is extracted from your sample is full of growth factors that help kick start cell activity. PRP injections are used to treat scars and wrinkles in the hands, neck, and face.

The treatment can also be used for hair loss, and can be applied in a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including injuries to joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. One of the most popular applications of PRP injections is to diminish lines and wrinkles in the face, called a PRP facelift. It’s a popular procedure, and is considered one of the most effective non-surgical facelifts available. It’s less invasive and much less costly than surgery and only takes about 20-30 minutes, with results lasting up to a year and a half.

Benefits of PRP Injections

There are many benefits of PRP injections and most patients are delighted with their results.

  • Cost-effective
  • Non-invasive; no incisions, no stitches, and no scars
  • Little to no downtime
  • Short procedure time (30 to 60 minutes)
  • Little to no risk of infection
  • Promotes improved conditions for healing
  • Signals naturally occurring peptide and protein molecules
  • Utilizes growth factors to kick start cell activity

How Are PRP Injections Performed?

Small amounts of your blood are collected, run through a centrifuge, and then re-injected back into your targeted treatment areas. Within the blood are growth factors that trigger the production of cells that repair, meaning that new cell growth is initiated wherever the PRP is injected.

Since it’s your own blood being used, there is almost zero risk of infection. Cell growth is stimulated, creating new hair cells, skin cells, muscle cells, etc. The type of cell growth is totally dependent upon which area of the body the injections are made.

How much do PRP injections cost? Premier Plastic Surgery proudly offers financing options for our patients – call our office for pricing information.

To find out more about PRP injections, or any other service we offer, we invite you to contact us at Premier Plastic Surgery to set up a time for your free, personal consultation. We’re proud to serve Texas residents living in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the bordering areas of South Houston.

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