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We have exciting news!

TruSculpt iD in Houston, TXI am really excited to announce that our practice has been designated as a Cutera center of excellence. We have recently acquired state of the art technology that enables us to perform a number of non surgical  treatments that have little or no downtime. Please check out our website https://www.pearlandpps.com/trsculpt-id-in-houston-tx/ for more details.

TruSculpt ID – an FDA approved 24% fat reduction in a treatment. It takes 15 minutes and there is no downtime.


Secret RF – the technology involves the application of a series of fine needles that are inserted into the dermis with a precisely engineered one use applicator. Once at the programmed depth, amount of radio frequency energy is released that stimulates collagen production. This can be used in conjunction with PRP and vitamin C for certain indications. This treatment modality is excellent for correcting thinning skin of the face, skin tightening, acne scars, scars and stretch marks.



Xeo laser – This machine has four treatment heads that enable the delivery of the following treatments:

Titan – for tightening of the skin.

Limelight – to address pigmentary or fine blood vessels in the skin.

Laser Genesis – this is known as the red carpet laser and can be used to address both vascular and pigmentary issues as well. In addition, it is a cutting edge technology in the treatment of keloid scars.

Coolglide – this is an excellent treatment modality for both spider veins and cherry angiomas. It also treat unwanted hair for all skin type!


These treatments can be stacked for correction of more than one issue simultaneously. Call (713) 370-4433 for an appointment today to learn more on how these treatments can help achieve your goals and enhance the quality of your life!