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Breast Surgery in Houston, TX

It can be difficult to feel good and exhibit confidence when you’re unhappy with your body. Breast surgery is a common procedure, done to resolve a number of different issues concerning the breasts. Dr. Christopher Hankins performs breast enhancement surgeries on residents in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the surrounding areas of South Houston.

If you’re dealing with excessively large breasts, they may sag and pull down on your muscles, causing neck, back and shoulder pain. Affected patients often complain of digging of the bra straps into their shoulders, and irritation of the skin below the breasts due to co-optation of the breast to the skin wall and entrapment of moisture. Breast reduction results in elimination of these symptoms.  Augmentation helps with breasts that are too small and make you feel less shapely or less feminine. Lost breast volume can leave you with sagging, droopy breasts that you don’t feel good about, no matter which bra you put them in. Dr. Hankins can consult with you to determine the best breast surgery procedure to address your concerns.

What Breast Surgical Procedure is Best for Me?

Aesthetic breast surgery can include breast enlargement, breast lift (mastopexy), breast lift and enlargement (augmentation mastopexy) or correction of enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia).

In contrast, breast reduction is not considered aesthetic and is oftentimes covered by insurance. However, the objective of this operation is not only to reduce the size of the breasts but to also to make them beautiful and proportionate to the patient.

Dr. Hankins will meet with you for an initial discussion prior to your procedure. He’ll discuss with you the best course of treatment to help you achieve the goals you’re trying to meet with any breast surgery you may be considering.

At Premier Plastic Surgery, we offer the following breast enhancement procedures:

How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost in Houston, TX?

No two women have the same needs when it comes to breast surgery. To ensure we are meeting your expectations we provide custom pricing during your consultation with Dr. Hankins in addition to discussing our financing  options.

You don’t have to continue suffering from breasts that are too large or too small. To learn more about the breast surgery options available to you, contact our office and schedule your free consultation. Dr. Hankins and his staff serve clients in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and the surrounding areas of South Houston.