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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Christopher Hankins and his professional and knowledgeable staff realizes that patients need accurate information, close personal attention with skilled care at his practice.

Our dedicated staff wants your experience to be pleasant and will do all they can to help you feel as reassured and relaxed as possible. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can provide you information on all the latest procedures, treatment techniques and products regarding surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

Dr. Hankins will meet with you in a private setting, allowing you to feel comfortable as you take advantage of the personalized experiences offered in our cosmetic-oriented practice.

Meet Jean

Jean, our office manager, was born in China and immigrated to this country in 2006. She is highly educated and hold two Master’s Degrees. She works tirelessly for the best interests of the patient and serves also as the patient advocate for the practice. She is very attentive to the patients and their concerns and keeps them at the top of the agenda for the practice.

Meet Kayla

Kayla is an MA who has now been with the practice for nearly a year. She joined us shortly after her graduating from training and has grown to be an integral and indispensable person in the practice. Like Jean, she will work tirelessly for the patient’s best interests.

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