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Our Practice Philosophy

Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery) in Houston, TX
Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the three pillars of our approach in our consultations with patients. Attention to detail with an emphasis on constant and never-ending improvement in the delivery of care we give to our patients are crucial components of everything that we do. For us, it’s not sufficient to meet the status quo standard of care, but to participate in helping to redefine what the standard of care should be. We individualize each treatment for every person, and only offer treatments or procedures that are in the best interest of the patient.

Patients of all ethnic groups are warmly received at our practice. We sincerely believe that every patient that comes to our practice is an individual with their own health history and with a personal story that is unique to them. We treat the entire patient and work with them to optimize their health status prior to surgery. Unlike many practices where patients are hurried thru the office, we take the time to listen and to establish a rapport with the patient.  .

There are of course risks to any surgical procedure but what sets us apart is that we will do everything humanly possible to reduce that risk to an absolute minimum prior to undertaking surgery. This is why up to 40% of the patients that come to our practice requesting surgery  may be asked to optimize any pre-existing medical conditions alter certain personal health habits prior to surgery  At our practice, the doctor and patient work as a team to bring about the best surgical outcome possible.  Dr. Hankins has never forgotten the words of his mentor in medical school: “You are a doctor first, a surgeon second and a plastic surgeon third.

We will never suggest any surgical procedure or services that is not in the best interest of the patient or one that will not result in any meaningful benefit, even if that means having to decline to perform a surgical procedure on that patient.  Similarly, we never suggest the use of any product that is not of benefit to the patient and for this reason, we do not carry a number of products that could potentially earn the practice a great deal of income because Dr. Hankins believes that they are not truly of benefit to the patient.

Prior to surgery, the patient is thoroughly worked up and any pre-existing conditions are optimized. Post-operatively, the patient is followed closely. If any patient has a concern following surgery, we ask that they report to the office immediately for an examination.

In every case, we never forget that we work for you. We do not work for the insurance company or any other third party payers and we never lose sight of that our first priority which is your well being.

Come see us and we will work with you to make your story one with a happy ending.

About Your Consultation

The decision to have cosmetic treatments is a very personal and important choice. You will ultimately base your decision solely on your own set of established priorities and goals. As an individual, your needs are specific and particular to your situation. Understanding this, Dr. Hankins customizes his consultations to your desired needs.

Within this process, he will provide you with additional information about the procedure(s) and, equally as important, allow you to become familiar with our team and us with you. Dr. Hankins will also examine you, learn about your concerns and goals, discuss your particular case, listen, educate, and support you in making your decision. This informative process includes a thorough discussion of available options, while answering any questions you may have.

Your consultation will include discussion of your treatment plan, which will entail costs and the financial policies, if it is determined by Dr. Hankins that you’re a good candidate for the procedure(s).