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Spider Vein Treatment in Houston, TX

If you’re bothered by the appearance of spider veins (telangiectasias) in your legs, you’re not alone! Abnormal leg veins occur in 29 to 41% of women and 6 – 15% of men in the United States. If you live in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson or the nearby neighborhoods of South Houston, Dr. Hankins at Premier Plastic Surgery can help you with leg vein removal as well as facial vein removal.

Before one embarks on the treatment of leg veins, they must realize that this is a maintenance procedure and that new veins can appear after treatment of others. Men and women alike are now making unsightly spider veins and superficial facial veins a thing of the past thanks to laser vein removal systems and sclerotherapy. Dr. Christopher Hankins at Premier Plastic Surgery uses the most advanced lasers to safely and effectively treat both leg veins and tiny superficial face veins (see facial vein removal).

What Are Spider and Leg Veins?

Inside our veins, there are valves that maintain the unidirectional flow of blood towards the heart. In the case that the valves within the veins become incompetent or allow back flow, blood pools or backs up inside the vessel, causing it to swell and the walls of the vein to thin.

Varicose veins affect more than 80 million adult Americans. While these veins are unsightly and can cause embarrassment, varicose veins can be a serious health condition, resulting in discoloration of the skin and the appearance of venous stasis ulcers.

How Do Spider and/or Varicose Veins Form?

Spider Vein Treatment in Houston, TX

There are a number of misconceptions as to why spider and varicose veins occur. The most common myth is crossing your legs can cause varicose veins. Crossing your legs or wearing high heels does not cause varicose veins. Some causes include:

  • Genetics
  • Oral birth control pills
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Prolonged standing without protective venous compression

About Leg Vein Removal Treatment Options

  • Home Remedies – Support or compression stockings are an option for in-home treatment. They can be purchased at retail or pharmacies to try to address the pain and discomfort that may be caused due to varicose veins. These serve to offer some relief as well as improve circulation in your legs.
  • Laser Vein Treatment for Leg Veins – Often in home remedies do not bring relief, and medical treatment is needed to get your legs feeling and looking better. By using lasers that target hemoglobin and or IPL, Dr. Hankins can effectively treat leg veins. These precise laser-focused treatments are quick and usually collapse and close off the vessels in just a few sessions with the remaining coloration to be dissipated over several months. Lasers can target veins that are too small for treatment by sclerotherapy.
  • Sclerotherapy –  Sclerotherapy is a chemical that is injected directly into the vein through a needle and syringe. The solution destroys the blood vessel, causing damage to the inside lining of the vein scarring, causing the vein to close off and disappear over time. Side effects can include a temporary discoloration of the skin.
  • Endovenous Treatment – Endovenous laser vein treatment is an alternative procedure to target varicose veins that were once only treatable by surgery. This procedure uses a small laser fiber placed inside the vessel, allowing delivery of pulses of laser light which collapse the vein. Studies suggest that endovenous lasers are effective 98% of the time in treating varicose veins. Patients also report less pain and a quicker recovery than with ligation and stripping. This treatment is for the treatment of larger varicose veins.

Can Facial Veins Be Treated?

Unsightly spider veins and a variety of vascular (red) spots affect millions of men and women. While these broken vessels are not serious health concerns, they can be sources of embarrassment. Dr. Christopher Hankins at Premier Plastic Surgery can determine which laser is best to address your facial vein/ redness conditions and skin type.

Facial veins are dilated blood vessels which have weakened over time. These veins are small, thin blood vessels that can be seen under the skin on the face and legs. These veins range in size and are commonly seen in middle-aged, fair-skinned men and women.

They typically appear on the:

  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead

While dilated veins can develop on any area of the body, they most often appear on the face and legs. Dr. Hankins has a number of advanced laser modalities to target and heat the hemoglobin inside the affected blood vessels, which causes the blood vessels to coagulate and become absorbed by the body. .

Dr. Hankins can treat the various types of facial veins with a number of different types of lasers as well as pulsed light (IPL) technology dependent on the size and depth of the blood vessels. These focused treatments are quick, and usually collapse and close off the vessels in just a few sessions with the remaining coloration to be dissipated over several months. Many patients will notice improvement in the offending vessels after one to a few treatment sessions.

Dilated veins may also appear in the lower extremity and are amenable to treatment either by injection or laser treatment.

In addition to unsightly blood vessels, Dr. Hankins has an arsenal of various laser modalities to treat a host of other skin imperfections.

How much does spider vein treatment cost? Premier Plastic Surgery proudly offers financing options for our patients – call our office for pricing information.

Dr. Hankins and his staff at Premier Plastic Surgery are happy to offer leg vein and facial vein removal treatments to patients living in and around Houston and the surrounding areas in South Houston, including Lake Jackson. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.