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Current Plastic Surgery Specials


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Get Bikini Body ready this summer with special on Trusculpt, Laser Genesis and more.

In secret RF can you add treat acne scar, stretch marks, fine line wrinkles, skin rejuvenation.

Secret RF

Secret RF Patient came in looking for a more rejuvenated look. When we were done with her, we achieved an overall rejuvenated look, as well as helped her complexion retrieve an even/brighter skin tone throughout her full face.

Secret RF with PRP

Patient came in looking for a solution for her acne scars that she's been self-conscience about for a really long time. She had a total of 3 sessions done with PRP. She is beyond happy with her results, and her confidence is back after such a long time. We're so happy to have been able to help her, and give her confidence a huge boost!