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Natural Breast Augmentation: Fat Grafting

Many individuals seek to contour their bodies but are wary of the dramatic results implantations may bring. Other individuals want to lose stubborn fat pockets and wonder if they could use that fat to improve their shape in other areas. No matter the reason, patients seeking modern solutions to their problems should consider the latest techniques in body contouring and augmentation—fat grafting.

How Fat Grafting Augmentation Works

To contour the body via fat grafting, Dr. Hankins starts by harvesting fat cells from a donor site. The harvesting process is performed through traditional liposuction on an area of stubborn fat cells—most patients’ donor sites include their stomach or inner thighs. After the fat is harvested, it will be collected in Wells Johnson closed system. Then the fat is injected into the breast tissue or desired site.

Ideal Candidates for Fat Grafting

Body contouring through fat grafting requires liposuction, so fat grafting candidates must meet the requirements for liposuction. These include being near your ideal body weight, having good skin elasticity, being in good health, having finished childbearing and breastfeeding, and having solid muscle tone. On top of these requirements, fat grafting candidates will need to have enough body fat present for transferal.

Fat transferals do not create as dramatic of results as implants, so patients should come into the operation with realistic expectations of the outcome. Ideal candidates will be seeking augmentation with natural-appearing results. The results from fat grafting create a fuller look without adding significant volume.

Fat Grafting Results and Recovery

Fat grafting can be completed on nearly every area of the body, and the body’s reaction to fat injections is different for everyone—results can vary significantly between two patients. That being said, fat grafting is a very low-risk procedure since the material comes from your own body. The way these injections naturally settle into the body creates variation in results with some creating more volume than others. If you were hoping for more volume apparent from your results, you may require more than one session of fat grafting procedure.

Recovery from fat grafting operations is usually much easier than implantations. The incision site from liposuction may be tender and require some rest, but injection sites should feel minimal discomfort. However, you should still treat the injection sites gently since the fat is still settling into place. Downtime with fat grafting procedures is minimal, and many patients can return to work the next day. You should avoid strenuous exercise for a few days after your operation and may need to take a few days off of work if your job requires rigorous activity.

Take the Next Steps Toward an Augmented Figure

If you’re interested in body contouring with fat grafting, Premier Plastic Surgery is leading the way in innovative cosmetic techniques. Dr. Hankins and his highly skilled team are dedicated to making your aesthetic goals a reality and will walk with you every step of the process. To get started on your fat grafting journey or learn more information, schedule a consultation with Premier Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX.