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What exactly is PRP

PRP is a buzz word these days. You see it over and over on Google. What exactly is PRP and why is it important for patients to know? PRP, is an acronym for platelet rich plasma. Blood is collected in a specially prepared vacutainer tube and is then spun in a centrifuge for 5 – 8 minutes to separate the plasma from the blood. The platelets obtained typically have a 4 – 5X increased concentration that they have in the blood. As platelets contain over 20 different growth factors. their use is synergistic with other treatment modalities to speed up healing. Thus, they can be used on recalcitrant wounds or used in aesthetic procedures to enhance the results of the procedure itself or to decrease downtime. In addition, they have applications in many fields of medicine including plastic surgery, trichology, including support of hair transplant surgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, skin care, wound care, burns, male dysfunction, gynecology, and ophthalmology.

In our practice, we routinely use PRP for the support of hair growth, skin rejuvenation,  as injections into the skin as well as to minimize the downtime of certain aesthetic treatments, and wound care. What is PRP

Although our practice is primarily aesthetic, we have used PRP injections for wound care. Two years ago, we were approached by a lady in her 60’s who had undergone a brachioplasty by another plastic surgeon. The wound opened up and the patient was told to treat the wound with wet to dry dressings. However, after three months, the wound failed to show any improvement. She and her husband then searched the internet for a provider who provided PRP treatments and found our practice. We gave her a total of three treatments in which the tissue surrounding the wounds was injected with PRP. Two weeks later, the wounds were almost completely closed. Needless the say, the patient and her husband were nothing short of ecstatic. Since that time, they still come visit the clinic during the Christmas season, to drop off a small gift. This heartwarming story illustrates the power that PRP treatment has.

Please contact us to inquire how we can apply this powerful therapeutic modality to your benefit.


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